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This blogging platform seems to be one of the most popular in the reviews.  It takes a bit of time to set up initially which creates a learning curve for less-experienced or first time users.  But once past that, this platform is open to creativity and easy to modify.  WordPress provides powerful plug-in features that can dress-up the blog and is easy to customize.  According to the reviews this is best for companies, school districts, or schools who are looking to develop a sophisticated website. 


Blogger is accessed through Google and directly links to  This platform is easy to use and get started which makes it ideal for beginners.  It provides a number of templates from which to choose.  On the downside, because there is not a lot of sophistication it is not easy to customize and the layout looks a little dated compared to the other platforms.  This is a good platform to teach anyone interested in learning to blog such as a teacher starting a “Classroom Blog” for the first time. 


This blogging platform is known for its ability to connect with social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Its mobile photo uploads are easy to set up and appeals to the younger generation. It is owned by Yahoo.  Because of this, Ads may make their way into the blog.  This platform would probably be best if the administrator wanted to attract a larger number of teenagers or young adults such as a high school organization or club. 


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