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Below are listed several blogging practices that will help keep a blog and other social media sites safer to navigate which I found on

-Think about making your blog private.  You may consider inviting people you know personally and those who will respect your personal boundaries.

-Keep personal information about yourself totally private.  Do not post information such as where you went to school, work, or your home address.

-Keep information about other people private as well.  Also avoid any form of rumor or gossip.

-Check your posts and photos before submitting them.  Ask yourself if this is something you would be comfortable sharing with your family, neighbors, and boss.  Would you be comfortable with it being published in the local newspaper?

I have a really close friend whose identity has been taken and compromised from personal information which he posted on social media sites, with this information being taken and used to scam other unsuspecting victims.  Nothing can be done because the person who is using his information lives on a different continent.  This friend has since taken extra precautions as to who is allowed on the site, but his photo images and some information about his life is still being used to scam others.  It is very important to be selective of what, if any, personal information to post and being extra cautious when making blogs or social media sites public.

Also, in today’s ability to communicate so quickly and freely, it is important to write only those posts that will inform, uplift, or educate.  What we communicate on the internet today will be permanent.  It can either help our future, or compromise it.   Using wisdom and caution in our on-line communication will prevent regret down the road.




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