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Blogging Platforms


This blogging platform seems to be one of the most popular in the reviews.  It takes a bit of time to set up initially which creates a learning curve for less-experienced or first time users.  But once past that, this platform is open to creativity and easy to modify.  WordPress provides powerful plug-in features that can dress-up the blog and is easy to customize.  According to the reviews this is best for companies, school districts, or schools who are looking to develop a sophisticated website. 


Blogger is accessed through Google and directly links to  This platform is easy to use and get started which makes it ideal for beginners.  It provides a number of templates from which to choose.  On the downside, because there is not a lot of sophistication it is not easy to customize and the layout looks a little dated compared to the other platforms.  This is a good platform to teach anyone interested in learning to blog such as a teacher starting a “Classroom Blog” for the first time. 


This blogging platform is known for its ability to connect with social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Its mobile photo uploads are easy to set up and appeals to the younger generation. It is owned by Yahoo.  Because of this, Ads may make their way into the blog.  This platform would probably be best if the administrator wanted to attract a larger number of teenagers or young adults such as a high school organization or club. 


Tips for Safe Blogging!

Below are listed several blogging practices that will help keep a blog and other social media sites safer to navigate which I found on

-Think about making your blog private.  You may consider inviting people you know personally and those who will respect your personal boundaries.

-Keep personal information about yourself totally private.  Do not post information such as where you went to school, work, or your home address.

-Keep information about other people private as well.  Also avoid any form of rumor or gossip.

-Check your posts and photos before submitting them.  Ask yourself if this is something you would be comfortable sharing with your family, neighbors, and boss.  Would you be comfortable with it being published in the local newspaper?

I have a really close friend whose identity has been taken and compromised from personal information which he posted on social media sites, with this information being taken and used to scam other unsuspecting victims.  Nothing can be done because the person who is using his information lives on a different continent.  This friend has since taken extra precautions as to who is allowed on the site, but his photo images and some information about his life is still being used to scam others.  It is very important to be selective of what, if any, personal information to post and being extra cautious when making blogs or social media sites public.

Also, in today’s ability to communicate so quickly and freely, it is important to write only those posts that will inform, uplift, or educate.  What we communicate on the internet today will be permanent.  It can either help our future, or compromise it.   Using wisdom and caution in our on-line communication will prevent regret down the road.



Educational Blogs


Edutech for Teachers

This blog is created and maintained by an instructional technology specialist and teacher.  It is dedicated to innovative teaching and learning through the use of technology and digital media that engages students in learning while providing them with a 21st Century educational experience.

A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet

Created and maintained by a teacher librarian, this blog is written to identify and create links and information about educational technology resources that are helpful to students, teachers, and Media Specialists .  Some of her more unique pages include Web 2.0 Tools, ESL, New Teachers, and World Languages.

The Ed Tech Round Up

In this blog the author is dedicated to finding the latest news and reviews concerning education and technology.  This week’s highlights include the following:

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-Mind/Shift-“Math, Science, History: Games break boundaries Between Subjects.”

-Free Technology for Teachers- “7 Tools for creating Short Video Stories.”

-Edudemic- “Keeping Students safe Online.”


“Teaching in th…

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

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